About Us, (who the hell are we)

Photobooth Friends is “NOT your ordinary photobooth”, we are SO much more than just an event booth. We are the newest, FUNniest and hottest photobooth experience in California’s Central Valley. Y hablamos Español, and Spanglish too.

Why us? Cause a Friend of your Friend said so!!!! Puro Chisme (pure gossip) Everyone is talking about us, from Bakersfield to Sacramento, straight down the grapevine. De comadre a comadre (everyone is gossiping). We gossip with friends too, and when we do, we tell it like it is, we don’t sugar-coated…..

BOX Booths are outdated and NOT cool.

BOX Booths are outdated and NOT cool.
Fact: BOX Booths SUCK!

Friends don’t let Friends BOX Booth like this…We know and love all our friends, we don’t hide behind a curtain, we party.

Why BOX booth with a “Technician” if you can PARTY with real Friends

Our services include the coolest FRIENDS (we don’t call them staff)

A professional photographer(s) and the “Chicles” (a Spanish slang term use for those friends that tag along for any occasion). Oh did I forget to mention that they love to party!!!

Our Friends will get just about anyone out of their comfort zone. Well just about everyone .


Our friends once told us, “if you like it put a ring on it” …..so we did

Photobooth Friends uses the most advance ring light in the market, not only to blind you as you take your photo but to make sure that you come out gorgeous, (actual results may vary). Look the truth is if your make up didn’t fix it then we can’t promise anything.

Friends never lie, “grab a prop and cover it”

FACT: The key to incredible photos, is incredible lighting - and Photobooth Friends uses the best - The Ring lights create a beautiful catch light in the eyes of your guests and help create that sort after fashion photography look.